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To those who read this,

       On one cold morning in early January, I rose from my sleep with a start. I found myself sitting at the edge of the bed excited yet exhausted, in such a way one feels after riding a rollercoaster. For the fifth night in a row, another dream had been able to infiltrate my typically docile sleeping schedule. They brought with them pleasures, distastes, simple mysteries and complex statements all wrapped up into several poorly-wrapped packages; its contents are strewn around inside as if it were stuffed in the backseat of an old metal package truck, with a drunk delivery man in the driver's seat.

       They're weird, funny, sad, but mainly pretty weird. I've always thought that paying attention to your dreams can give you insight into what your brain is thinking deep down, especially when looked at as sections during your life. This is my own archive that I am slowly releasing to the internet. Perhaps it can inspire you to do the same.

       I have made a few edits for the sake of coherency and will initial names to protect identity. However, each story will typically be left as close to the original version of writing to capture the tone it was written in at that particular time. I have a LOT documented, so stay tuned for the journey.

       Anyways, interpret them as you wish, and enjoy. 


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