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About Kevin


Who is kevin?

       Kevin Alexander Blandon is an American visionary from Los Angeles. Kevin first created the _AlexanderBlandon page as a small project to showcase his photos. Today, the page has served to connect him to private creators, photographers, and artists in the Los Angeles & South Bay metropolitan area. Most importantly, it serves as a database for Kevin's future endeavors which he wants to serve as inspiration for other budding creators.

Why "Alexander"?

       The name Alexander is symbolic of truth and authenticity for Kevin. "As a middle name", he states, "It stands as a name unaltered by any outside forces. It's your true name, not associated with anything else but you". His style is evocative, and he compels his friends and others around him to take a "second glance" in-depth analysis of the composition of his photos and the writing that goes along with it. By doing this, he tells the story of his life while inspiring others like him to pursue their own dreams. He states in a future WIP book,

       "I believe everybody in this world has something they've repressed, passions deep down that they are genuinely interested in even if they don't know why. We are born with these unique talents and ideas that get diluted as we age and follow the more typical paths of life. I feel I was born to break that cycle. I'm going to do what truly calls me, regardless if it's not the most successful or not. I want to inspire younger people like me to make more smart mistakes and to teach older people how to reignite the fire of true passion.

       People shouldn't have to hide who they are, nor should they feel pressured to conform to a certain standard all because others say so. Do what you want, pursue whatever your heart desires. Even if the path seems lonely or treacherous; like there are so many ways that life can go wrong, think about how many ways life can go right! Be brutally honest with yourself, think about how much worse the alternative is. It's easy to feel lonely today, but remember that you are not alone. If you have related to me now or before, you are part of us, part of the thousands. You are part of the community that often doesn't have one."

       Life is a story, and when we die we all want to leave a great one to the world. It doesn't matter if we don't get to choose our beginnings, we can always choose our ends. What we're all really working for is to make sure that it's a positive one."



Get in contact with him via email at

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