Who is Kevin Blandon?

       Kevin Alexander Blandon is  (as of right now)  a prospective male model, stock and cryptocurrency trader, and multi-disciplinary student based in the Los Angeles & South Bay area. Prior to this, he was known as the co-creator of The Blandon Brothers real estate brand in March of 2020 as well as the KB Escapism travel blog  (both of which are now defunct).


Kevin created this Alexander webpage to serve as a contact point for independent artists and executive agencies looking for his information, as well as serving as a home base to compile his upcoming projects.

You can expect more things to populate these pages as time goes by.

coming soon


Whether you are looking for fresh talent in the modeling industry or have a media project you need a certain style for, Kevin would love to discuss it. Send him an email using the one below or get in contact with him via social media.

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