Who is Kevin Blandon?

       Kevin Alexander Blandon is (as of right now) an Amazon FBA Seller, a prospective male model, stock trader, and multi-disciplinary student based in the Los Angeles area. Kevin was the past creator of The Blandon Brothers real estate group in March of 2020, and currently runs his own Amazon FBA business as well as swing trades. He created his Alexander pages to both compile his future projects and to be connected with private/public creators and other visionaries.

You can expect more things to populate these pages as time goes by.



I share this work not just because I think it's cool, but because I want to inspire others to create their own. Using social media, we are able to unite thousands of people across the globe through our shared passions and loves, creating both unique styles and lasting impressions along the way. Stay up to date on the latest projects, content, and whatever else I might be working on. I invite you to connect with me!

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My #1 hub. My photography work and shared life events can be found here. 

Where I post things NOT suited for instagram.

My community center. This is where I connect with creators,  photographers, and other professionals.

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